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Target Search Profile

Search Engine Analisys

The service is aimed at increasing the visibility of the customer's site on search engines for content related and complementary to its business, sought after by users and does not still treated by the company.
The aim of the service is to identify which keywords are most popular by users for that field, so you can integrate and / or replace the contents on the site and provide the customer with any ideas to expand their business.
An example: many manufacturers / distributors of mobile phones implement their promotions on-line by using the word "mobile" declined in all possible keywords (selling mobile phones, research cell phone ...) neglecting keywords containing the word "phone", which is much sought after by users and ensure greater visibility with less investment. The service provides valuable
cues about users' searches are associated with the client's brand and is compatible with the Opinion Service Brand.
The service is developed for a market sector in one language (ita, eng, deu, esp). In case the customer is interested in processing multiple languages ​​or multiple sectors merchandise will have to buy more modules.

Key Features
The service consists of an analysis of user requests submitted to the search engines under the topics of interest of the client. A very important aspect of the service is the examination of linguistic research, through which you can not highlight the terminology in use among users to query engines.
In particular:
Engineers analyze the most searched keywords in a given field.
We identify the keywords actually used by users to search for
certain products and services including variants and mispelled kw (containing errors).
The service is one shot, repeated at intervals agreed by the client's needs, for example, or seasonal activities at the launch of new
products or services, etc..

Fotonica provides the user access:
- List most searched keywords related and related to the company and its sector;
- Tips for integrating your content based on the analysis

Organic Position

Consolidated results and stable over time

The organic position or natural, is the most effective means of promoting the online medium to long term, it is established results-oriented and stable over time and it is therefore recommended as the key tool for ensuring a correct company visibility on the web.
The objective of organic positioning is to bring the company's website DADA Dealer among the first results of queries made by users on search engines considered relevant for particular keywords.
The activities of the organic search optimization typically affecting
html code of the site, the information distribution and architecture in
to make them more visible and relevant to the site.
The search engines use algorithms that index pages of sites in
Network, searching for relevant content and quality.
In this perspective can be promoted on major search engines and national each international site that has relevant content that does not belong to categories details (such as Adult sites, Gambling, or contain Dialer, or online selling drugs or similar) and that exceed the preliminary analysis of our experts.
The complete list of motors involved in positioning activities is prepared in accordance with Nielsen rankings and is updated periodically. The current list of engines involved in positioning is always available from the control panel made available to DADA.

Keyword advertising

Provides site's ranking at the top of the results

The mechanism based on Keyword Advertising Pay per Click, is a system that ensure site's ranking at the top of the results for a certain keyword (through an advertisement placed in a special text area sponsored links) against payment of an amount for each visit (or click), determined by market demand and thus varies over time.
The Keyword Advertising allows the customer to be visible on search engines in record time.

What is a search engine

A search engine is an automated system that analyzes a set of data is often collected by himself and returns a list of contents available, classifying them according to mathematical formulas that indicate the degree of importance on a given search key.
Search engines have catalogued a database and constantly updated list of all the pages found on the net.
Thanks to them, the browser has the option, typing a keyword to find sites that contain content and information relevant to your query.
Search engines are now the most practical and powerful that an Internet user has at its disposal to find Web sites that respond to specific needs, namely providing information on a particular topic, or providing a service or product.

Who use this

The search engine is the tool most used by Internet users after email.
In Italy the 95% of surfers uses them regularly and their use is growing
Ben 's 88% Italian users every day using one or more search engines
... with the search engines potentially enter into contact every day with almost all of you!

What they are used for

They are considered especially useful during the purchase

Almost all of the users used search engines as an important support in their purchasing decisions, whether online or offline and 91% say they have completed one or more purchases, thanks to information found through the engine.
They are often used to study information seen or read about other media.
They are able to influence the opinions we have of a company or brand.

Main reasons for their use

  • authority
  • convenience
  • latest information from other sources
  • ability to quickly make comparisons