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Let’s communicate in an effective and easy way.

With CAMO newsletter, the e-mail marketing software created by Fotonica, now achieving your goals is easy.

An e-mail marketing web based system to contact your customers fast. No limits to your communication thanks to our massive sending e-mail system.

The system is based on CAMO software platform, engine and heart of all our services.

CAMO newsletter is user friendly and easy to update. It is cheap and suitable for any enterprise.

CAMO newsletter makes everyone feel free to choose the most suitable licence and to personalize graphic and features.

Camo newsletter home
CAMO newsletter home is the simplest licence and it is suitable to get started to e-mail marketing.

Camo newsletter professional
It is the most complete licence for those who want to use the service in an effective and efficient way from scratch. It offers high competitive professional services and contents.

Camo newsletter PA

It is a licence created for the management of the Public Administration.

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