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Content Management System

The simplest way to manage your website contents: our CMS platform, easy to be used, SEO oriented, customized to your business needs.

The first CMS in Italian fully developed by Fotonica Srl

- Semplicity
- Low price
- Security

CAMO is a content management system. It is a software to manage your web content

CAMO enables you to create, manage and update your own web site/portal in a simple and self-sufficient way.

Fotonica and CAMO are united in order to supply web solutions, advising and new added value services, able to satisfy the needs of the customers. Fotonica, full sammarinese company, is equipped of a staff of competent persons whom support and helps you to choose the better solution for your company, always close to you anytime.
The certainty of always being able to be in step with the times, the tranquillity of being able to count on professionals and skilled persons, the serenity that you’re working with competent persons. Values that cannot be calculate in a job relationship that goes outside of the conventions.

CAMO is a system that belongs to the category of software CMS (Content Management System) and concurs with anyone to realize, to manage and to update, in completely independent way, your own web. CAMO (CMS), means a system to arranges and management the web contents, helping you with easy job instruments. CAMO is born for the resolution of the typical problems legacies to the solutions “not professional” for the management of web portals and sites; usually characterized from big costs, low levels of efficiency and support and long times of delivery.
Web living at best and without problems.
Free to change: freedom to modify the web from every place you are, through one logon to Internet.
Free to approach: freedom to use CAMO platforms and evolute instruments of great value, through contained investments.
A decennial experience in the within of the creation of web portals (vertical like horizontal) and the management of the infrastructures that accommodate them has carried to the CAMO creation: platform software web-based, for the creation and management of web sites, adapted to the requirements of every company or agency.

CAMO platform supplies the guarantees that only a mature system, fruit of a natural evolutionary process, can give: CAMO is reached by now its sixth version and possesses rich functionalities, of simple uses, realized on the common requirements of an immense customers park.

Companies, Shops, Private and Pubblic Agencies, Ministry and Public Administration use CAMO today, arriving to serve tens of million pages seen every month.

Fotonica supplies CAMO through an only integrated solution, comprehensive of the software and all necessary technological infrastructures to the best distribution of the service.
An only solution that joins all the winning aspects that currently they concur the obtaining of the better one turned out possible freeing the customer from the costs, for the activities management not pertaining to the field of main competence.

Software CAMO is distributed in modality ASP (Application Service Provisioning): the system is resident to Fotonica and supplied as a service. It does not have to be acquired neither software, neither web Servers, Host, neither to be equipped with specializes technicians for the maintenance.
Fotonica gives you all. Will supply all the services through the own web platforms and the assistance center, with the formula “annual cost”.

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